New research done by price comparison website PriceRunner shows that Britain is actually one of the least expensive countries in Europe to buy electronic equipment.

The study attempted to reveal the “cost of cool”, or what a man needs to look good in 21 European cities. Overall, for goods including gadgets and clothing, a man in Poland spends only a fiver less than in London, while Oslo was rated most expensive.

The study included 29 different products, including a 40-inch plasma TV, DVD player, and Xbox360. In London, homes can be fitted out with all the latest electronic equipment for £1517.88, which was the cheapest figure overall, compared to £2230.59 in Stockholm.

Brits apparently get good deals on items like Madonna’s latest album, which costs £8.31, and the Sony Ericsson W810i, which has a price of £209.98. To buy these sorts of goods, only France and Austria offer lower prices. Britain is also the third cheapest place to buy an iPod nano, with an average price of £99.67, while the same device costs £135.33 in the Czech Republic.