Deal Or No Deal is set to be the biggest selling board game this Christmas.

The smash hit Channel 4 show has already successfully revived Noel Edmonds' career and made him one of the highest paid presenters on television.

Now the board game is set to ensure Edmonds and his daytime gameshow are number one for the festive season.

According to Toys R Us, Deal or No Deal will be competing for the number one spot with Bratz Diamondz Dolls, Roboreptile, MP3 players, Dr Who, Air Hogs Zero Gravity R/C, Moto X Bikes and Fast Talking McQueen from the hit movie Cars.

A spokeswoman said: "Deal Or No Deal looks like being a big seller this Christmas".

"The show has been a huge hit with parents and children and even though we are only in October, sales are already picking up as mums and dads prepare for the big day."

Bratz - 10 inch dolls which come complete with a gem stone - will top the Christmas list for millions of girls across the UK.

Roboreptile will be a winner with the boys and is arguably the most advanced toy of its kind ever made.

A year round favourite for music loving kids, MP3 players such as the iPod series are set to be even more in demand, according to Toys R Us.

Dr Who has captured the imagination of kids across the country since his BBC return - and his adventures will ensure the Cyberman Voice Changer will be a sought after present along with the 10-inch radio controlled K9 figure - an updated version of the dog which first appeared with the Time Lord in 1977.

Pixar's movie Cars has been a massive hit in the cinema this summer - and that trend will carry on through December with a programmable Fast Talking McQueen car set to be a big success.

Other key products include the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Control, Nintendo Wii will be battling against the Microsoft's Xbox360, and MotoX Bikes are a buzz word in bikes making them the bike 'must-have' of the year.

Also, Star Wars AT-AT - the All Terrain Armoured Transport - is expected to keep Star Wars in the top toy list yet again this year.

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, the new system that redefines the consumer robotics will set fanatics into a craze for Christmas.

A spokeswoman for Toys R Us added: "Other organisations release their Christmas list each year but we felt that as the UK's most trusted authority on toys and gadgets, we are far better placed to create the definitive gift guide".


1. Deal Or No Deal Board Game
2. Bratz Diamondz Dolls
3. Roboreptile
4. MP3 players
5. Dr Who Cybermen Voice Changer
6. Dr Who 10" Radio Control K9
7. Cars - Fast Talking McQueen
8. Pixel Chix
9. Tamagotchi
10. Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta Command Megazord
11. Air Hogs Zero Gravity Radio Control
12. Nintendo Wii
13. MotoX Bike
14. Star Wars AT-AT
15. Lego Mindstorms
16. Disney Cars video games
17. Bratz Video Games
18. LCD TVs
19. Steer N Grow Trikes
20. iPods


2005 - MP3 Players, RoboRaptor, Tamagotchi

2004 - Robosapien

2003 - Beyblades and Bratz

2002 - Bratz, Beyblades, Micropets

2001 - Bob The Builder

2000 - Robotic Dogs and Scooters

1999 - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

1998 - Yo-Yo, Furby the Interactive Pet

1997 - Teletubbies, Tamagotchi

1996 - Toy Story

1995 - POGS