A new survey reveals where a sizeable chuck of our income is going each year – on buying new gadgets and gizmos.

The research says that over 60% of Brits spend £5000 on gadgets every year, with 30% of those surveyed saying that they have 15 gadgets in total.

Of those questioned, 46% said that HDTV is the best new consumer technology invention, which tallies with the fact that Sky says it has already taken 40,000 advance sales for its HD service.

The most favoured gadgets was the mobile phone, with 26% saying it was the best gadget ever, and 34% saying they couldn’t live without theirs. Second came the TV, with 27% of those surveyed saying it was their most treasured device.

The most eagerly anticipated new device is, unsurprisingly, Sony’s PS3; 44% said they were looking forward to its launch next month. Nintendo Wii came a distant second with a quarter of the vote.

And the most irritating aspect of the new technology? Short battery life in portable devices like MP3 players and mobiles.