Another competitor enters the fray today to battle it out with the other freebies you collect on the way to work in London. But this time it's sport and it's a magazine.

Sport presents a range of timely sporting coverage and in the first issue we get a glimpse into the head of Arsenal striker Thierry Henry as the cover story. But its not all football. There is also cricket, superbikes, F1 amongst other sports.

It is full colour and contains some really juicy pictures, such as a double page image of Darren Clarke walking out at the start of the Ryder Cup, alone, whilst the other players are all accompanied by their partners. For those who don't know, Clarke's wife died 6 weeks before the start of the event. There is also a glorious picture of Elin Nordegren, Tiger Wood's wife, which is a welcome addition to any publication.

The magazine also maps out 7 days of sport, so you can see what is coming up this week, as well as a "Best Sport of TV" listing, covering all major channels - a useful and comprehensive guide.

As you are reading Pocket-lint, I should probably tell you that the last page is dedicated to New Kit, including some gadgets.

Sport can is distributed free around major London stations and more information can be found on their website at


The only criticism we have is the smell - the newsprint stinks!