In today’s edition of Silly Friday Afternoon Gadgets, we’ve got a couple of devices for the more active amongst you, as well as the usual round-up of fairly useful devices.

The makers of the Xlider call is “a new board skating concept” that lets users skate smoothly by making lateral movement by sliding each board back and forth just like they’re walking. Unlike rollerskates, Xliders don’t attach to your foot in any way, so it’s easy to jump off (and presumably fall off). To add complication, the Xlider comes with a detachable strap to join the boards together as some people find it easier to learn with joined boards (like tying your shoelaces together when trying to walk?).

Visit Xlider’s website for a demonstration video


Powerisers Jumping Stilts are also designed for outdoor use, and apparently act as an extension of the leg, giving “the amazing ability to jump, leap, and run in extreme style”. Curved springs attached to the base push back as you push down on them, creating the for that gives you extra springing power. Some people have actually managed to do back flips while wearing them.

These do attach to your feet with strong buckle straps to give you the ability to jump over 6 feet high and make strides over 9 feet in length. They’re available in silver, blue, red and yellow from


for just £199.95.

Although the tiny Xun Chi 138 is a real phone, you may mistake it for something that belongs in a doll’s house. Measuring just 67mm it rivals some MP3 players for tiny size, but still features a colour touchscreen with handwriting recognition. Other features include a 1.3MP camera, MP3 player, USB connection and SD card slot. If anyone gets their hands on this, please let us know what you think of it.

And something to cure the back-to-school blues, a tiny robot pencil sharpener that features a wind-up mechanism that works when you sharpen a pencil. At £3.50, he’s a small pleasure. You can get one from

Hawkin’s Bazaar

And finally, gadget blog


tells us that an optional fancy cup holder has been incorporated in the mid-range Chrysler Sebring. It keeps warm drinks warm, and cold drinks cool – however this option will cost you around $600.