Welcome to this week’s edition of Silly Friday Afternoon Gadgets. This week we’ve got a ridiculous-looking alarm clock, a clever flask, and a tiny indoor helicopter.

The Crazy Blender Alarm Clock would be the perfect gift for someone you really don’t like. It wakes you up by blending a container full of Styrofoam beads, accompanied by a choice of “funny” melodies – we’re not sure what the musical selection entails. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, and retails for $30





For someone you like a little bit more, why not get them a Barmaster from Hollywood Gadgets. The flask-shaped electronic device contains 500 drinks recipes that can be searched a variety of ways. As long as you’ve got a wide selection of drinks glasses, it’ll give you the correct measurements. It also hosts a collection of drinking games to get things going. You can buy one


for $30 (Via



Hammacher Schlemmer are up to their usual innovative tricks, and are selling what they call the “world’s smallest indoor remote control helicopter”. It runs on two contra-rotating coaxial rotors with gyroscopic inertia for balance and two tiny motors.

It’s got a range of 50 feet and has moves in 360 degrees. For landing it has four tiny legs, and it even features two flashing LEDs for nighttime flying. The li-ion are rechargeable and last for up to 8 minutes, which isn’t particularly long, but perhaps it’s designed for those with short attention spans. You can buy one at

Hammacher Schlemmer

for $80. (Via

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