Navman has introduced a new entry-level satnav, the F20, to give first-time users a no frills, but full-featured, GPS device.

The F20’s menu has been simplified on screen, and lets you search by address, places of interest and recent trips. It stores “My Home” and “Favourite Journeys” settings to make repeat visits easy. As with most satnavs, it also lets you search by full postcode.

Although traffic information is not in-built, an optional T1 traffic module can be connected for real-time traffic updates and rerouting. The F20 does, however, offer dedicated fuel and park buttons to take you to the closest petrol station or car park with one click. It’s also able to reroute on the fly, and download speed camera information so that the device audibly warns you if you’re approaching one.

Boasting a 3.5-inch colour touchscreen, and a SiRF Star III Gps receiver, the F20 is available for £179.