Not sure what to get that special someone who has everything? Well internet shopping site, I Want One Of Those has come up with a nifty way of convincing its customers that they need to buy nothing. Literary.

Nothing, on sale for the bargain price of £3.49 plus postage and packaging is, according to the site, a "lovingly crafted vial of emptiness is filled to the brim with unfettered nothingness. Free from the burden of possessions, the weight of responsibility, Nothing is as idiotic as it is brilliant".

The site goes on "It's a statement, an empty gesture if you will, a nod at the futility of ownership, and yet despite 'Nothing' being nothing, it is of course packed with millions of protons, neutrons and what have you, which is pretty good for Nothing".

Of course to us it seems like money for old rope, [perhaps that's next - Ed] but then no doubt this will become the must have gift for Christmas.

You heard it here first.