Little-known manufacturer Miniot is producing a set of wooden iPod nano cases that are a departure from the usual run-down of silicon/plastic/leather iPod shields.

Apparently the Miniot cases are “natural protection for your iPod”, and are carved from a single piece of wood with your monogram on the outside and an optional message inside.

The iWood nano 2G is shipping on 7 October, while the original iWood nano and iWood 5G cost €75 and €85 respectively.

The cases come in a choice of cherry, maple, walnut or oak, arrive in a nice gift box, and give you access to the headphone jack with a flip of the lid.

For that extra-special touch, iWood also features a range of Heritage cases, that are limited-edition, numbered models made of a rare hardwoods like Walnut burl, padouk, zebrano, ebony, or even sometimes ancient Kauri. These start at €175.

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