SanDisk has bounced back from the indignities of IFA, where its entire range of music players was confiscated by customs and then returned on the very last day of the show, to unveil a 4GB miniSD High Capacity card for mobile devices.

The miniSDHC car is able to support storage intensive applications like digital imaging, music and video recording and playback function.

The card isn’t available commercially yet, as SanDisk is only just making it available to mobile manufacturers and network operators. Retail launch isn’t expected until some time in 2007. Current mobile devices will have to be upgraded with firmware so that they support the new High Capacity cards, which adhere to the SD Speed Class 2 Rating specification.

“SanDisk is responding to the next-generation demands of cell phone makers and users, who increasingly see their phone as their camera, video player, gaming and music devices”, said Yoram Cedar, executive vice president of handset business and corporate engineering.