has got its hands on the latest multimedia-friendly version of the popular Robosapien robot.

Robosapien RS Media is a rather sophisticated robot that not only coordinates 67 different programmable movements, but also plays videos and music, displays photos, and is touch-sensitive.

The biggest change from previous Robosapien models is that fact that he has a full-colour LCD display on his chest, which not only plays back video and photo files, but also shows what the robot is seeing thanks to a camera mounted concealed in his head.

With speakers and a mega subwoofer, Robosapien becomes a walking, karate-chopping media center. Data is stored on removable SD cards, so its possible to store different voices for him to use, plus programme different sets of movements to give him various personalities on interchangeable SD cards.

He also conceals a USB connector so that you can make changes directly on to the SD card, and download music and other files easily using bundled software.

Robosapien RS Media is available to pre-order now from

for £299.