It’s that time of the week again to bring you silly gadgets and gizmos from across the world.

We’re pleased to tell you that the i-Fish, distant cousin to last year’s i-Dog, is now available in the UK, and not just in Asia. The interactive desktop toy doesn’t just play music through integrated speakers; it also lights up and swishes its fishy tail to the tunes.

Seven different lights allow the i-Fish to project its emotion, while touch-sensitivity means that it’ll sway its tail if you stroke its nose.

All this could be yours from

for £39.95.

Also from comes the portable drinks fountain, although this won’t be available until October. Turn every gathering into an elegant soiree (or something) with this portable fountain that can splash any drink down its tiers.

This classy gadget will cost £49.95, and is bundled with six handy punch cups.

And finally for this Friday, we bring you the Pizza Fork from the aptly named The Pizza Fork lets you eat a slice in a more refined and delicate way, by combining a round pizza cutter with a pronged fork, and better still the site will ship to the UK

Two forks can be yours for just $12 from