Actually, it does have pedals, but we're not sure this should be in the Sports and Fitness section of Pocket-lint.

UrbanMover have introduced the excitingly-named UM36 electric mountain bike for both recreational and road users who want the enjoyment of cycling but without the effort of actually exercising.

The electric-powered UM36 model offers all the features one would expect to find on a regular mountain bike, but with the added benefit of electric power to ride effortlessly on both city streets and rural routes.

With speeds up to 15mph (25kph) using the electric motor, commuters can now enjoy cycling/sitting to work without breaking a sweat, while recreational users can enjoy the fun of the UK's best cycle routes without having to risk a dangerous coronary from exerting the heart.

Putting the exercise jibes aside, the environmental credentials of the UM36 make this a preferred option to the scooters that swarm around the streets of London. The detachable battery charges up in just 4 hours and a full charge will provide electric power for distances of 18 miles (30km), although with pedal assisted control, the battery will last longer. Which means this is a short-commuter, bearing in mind that once you get to work, you'll need to plug it in, or ensure you have the charge to get home - or else - GASP! - you'll have to pedal.

Of course, this presents a mobility option for those that might not be able to exercise or cycle, but still want to get out and about, for example the elderly or disabled.

Weighing in at 22.6kg, the UM36 consists of an all alloy frame with ovalised, butted and tapered top and down tubes, alloy wheels, and a Shimano 6 speed gear system. The lightweight Nickel metal hydride battery pack is hidden behind the frame, and at first glance the UM36 looks like any other mountain bike, except the limited gear range - this is an electric MTB, and can't really substitute a "real" bike.

The UM36 comes with a charge indicator on both the handlebars and the battery to show how much remaining power the bike has left.

The state of the art motor is integrated into the rear hub and uses a unique automatic gearing system to assist on start up, in head winds and for hill climbing.

The UM36 costs a hefty £750 and is available from retailers across the UK, with a store locator at


Pocket-lint would like to remind readers that riding on the pavement is illegal, and a BS certified helmet should be worn at all times.