First up on this sunny afternoon is the e-Puppy, an innocent-looking plush toy that conceals a speaker and microphone.

The little LED light on its tummy illuminates when you’ve received new email, and then proceeds to read it out loud to you.

Of course, it can also play music like a traditional speaker, features a microphone to let you record messages, and even has an alarm clock reminder.

Best of all, it costs just $9.97 from

ATX Unlimited


Less cute and more damaging are Rayguns from Weta Originals. Subtitled “Dr Grordborts Infallible Aether Oscillators”, the collection of antique rayguns promises to vaporise any evildoer that crosses your path.

The website itself is worth a look so head over


to take a closer look

If the e-Puppy too cuddly for your speaker needs, try the Peanut Speaker, teeny tiny flat speakers that measure just 30mm wide enclosed in a leather case. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Japan for around ¥3500.

From closer to home, in the US, come the Flower Pod speakers. The speaker is the center of the flower, and is attached to a standing, plush green stem. The pink, red, and purple speakers are just $12.99 at Target.

If your tastes run a little bit more on the macabre side, you may want a Dead Fred Penholder from

Suck UK

, although he’s not for sale quite yet.

And finally, and perhaps most uselessly, we bring you a Banana Cell Phone Holder. They come in two designs for both slider and clamshell mobiles, and cost $10 from