Archos has unveiled a couple of new portable video players, one of which measures just 1.5cm thick.

Both tote 30GB of storage that translates into up to 85 movies, 130 hours of TV, 300,000 photos, or 15,000 songs.

The big differentiator between the two is size; the 604 has a 4.3-inch screen, measures 1.6cm thick, and weighs around 250g, while the 404 has a 3.5-inch screen, measures 0.1cm less in thickness, and weighs just 190g.

Although the devices only playback Windows media, they support a wide range of files, including those purchased from CinemaNow, eMusic, and Napster.

An optional DVR Station accessory, which costs around £70, turns the two devices into portable digital video recorders.

Available from September, the 604 costs £270, while the 404 will be on sale for around £220.