iStuff, a company that makes iPod accessories, has announced the launch of a new FM transmitter for users to stream music to any radio nearby.

Called the iStuff iCast Universal FM Transmitter, the FM transmitter plugs into the standard headphone jack on your iPod meaning it also fits a whole range of other gadgets and gizmos that you may want to stream your sounds from.

It is compatible with all types of MP3 players, mobile phones, laptop computers, Sony PSPs and other gaming devices - basically any audio device with a headphone jack.

The unit supports all 199 FM frequencies available, between 88.1 and 107.9Mhz, and pumps music through 40dB separation.

The backlit LCD screen makes it easy to tune into an available frequency in any environment. The device is powered via a 1AAA battery (or car cigarette lighter) to avoid draining power from your MP3 player.

The iStuff iCast Universal FM Transmitter measures less than 9 x 2.5cm and weighs a miniscule 30g and is available from priced at just £29.99.