Silly Friday Afternoon Gadgets...

The first gadget is perfect for the remote-controlled car fan in your life: the R/C Humvee.

This particular model can drive up walls thanks to a suction system in its wheels.

Apparently, its “intelligent on board observation system” monitors the car’s position, so that when the Humvee finds a wall, its Air Venturi Suction System is enabled and it climbs up the wall.

The price for this spiderman-imitating vehicle is £79.95 from the,

In the upcoming August heatwave that the UK has been promised, we’ve found a gadget to keep you cool: the Winnie the Pooh USB Fan.

The website (Akihabara News) showcasing the little Pooh bear gives scant information, and we’re not sure where you can purchase the thing.

For the low price of $16.90, you can get yourself a little Super Mario or Toad character from Hong Kong online shop Brando Toys.

You can make the little figures walk, run, turn left and turn right using the controller, which looks like a traditional Nintendo games controller.