If you thought the YUPPY, the 1980s archetypal office worker complete with red braces and brick-like mobile phone was a thing of the past, think again. Young, upwardly mobile employees have merely morphed into twenty first century Office GOSSIPS - Gadget Obsessed, Status Symbol Infatuated Professionals.

That’s according to new research released today by Office Angels who asked more than 1500 UK workers what essential office status symbols were.

The results, according to the recruitment firm are today’s ambitious worker arrives at the office armed with two mobile phones, a BlackBerry, an iPod, sushi for lunch, a decaff capuccino for meetings and a gym bag for a post office work-out.

Almost seven out of 10 (67%) office workers say micro gadgets are the ultimate office status symbol, with the most coveted items including a nano iPod, BlackBerry, PDA and laptop memory stick.

Nearly a third of office workers also admitted to spending over 10 pounds a week on coffee, even if they could get the beverage for free at work.