And now for a bit of Friday afternoon fun, Pocket-lint presents the first of our weekly round-ups of silly gadgets.

This week we've got a bog roll holder and a must have for your morning coffee mug., retailers of all sorts of iPod accessories great and small, bring us the iCarta Stereo Doc for iPod with bathroom tissue holder.

Most docks seem to do little more than take up space, but this dock-with-a-difference proves you can have the best of both worlds … or something.

The dock is powered from batteries or AC mains power, and although it can be wall mounted, the device can also detach from the wall mount and fold its toilet roll holder away to become just another iPod dock.

Available now from for £75.

And freshly available from quirky home-wares store Roullier White is the Mug-boss, a device for extending the functionality of your cup-come-penholder.

Mug-boss is branded as the “world’s first tool belt for mugs”.

Each belt has twelve little pockets to hold pens, screwdrivers, laser pointers, paper clips, erasers … the list is endless.

Available now at Roullier White for £7.50.