Rip Curl has taken their mountainwear range a step further this season, collaborating with experts to create their own range of snowboards and skis for the Winter season.

For over 20 years, Regis Rolland has been making snowboards. With his experience he founded APO Snowboards, a rider-owned, rider-driven company that puts research and design first. APO’S Regis Rolland has shaped the new collection of boards for Rip Curl.

Hardcore Swiss Ski company, Movement, renowned for it’s high performance skis, collaborated with Rip Curl to produce an all new 2006 ski collection which is hand crafted and as durable as they come.

Coming in a range of options, you can choose from Girls Freestyle Snowboard (available in pink!), Freestyle Snowboard, Freeride Snowboard, Girls Freestyle Skis (also avilable in pink!) or standard Freestyle Skis.