For those for whom the iPod video's tiny screen is just not big enough comes Memorex's iFlip.

This portable dock opens like a book to nestle the iPod neatly between the bosom of its speakers at the base. The dock also tilts so that you can stand your iPod up.

The inside of the lid is occupied by an 8.4-inch screen so that you can watch your videos with ease.

The speakers can be operated with or without the screen on, so the device also functions as portable speakers.

Battery life is a bit disappointing at only five hours of playback, but it incorporates a host of other features like S-video out, line out, and dual headphone jacks.

Rather than offer separate controls, the iFlip lets users navigate via the iPod's native controls.

ILounge reports that the device will be available from mid-September for around $200.