A new wireless music player has been launched today that promises to surpass the sound quality of even the most sophisticated high-end compact disc players.

Called the Transporter, the unit created by Slim Devices promises to also offer a broad range of options not available on any CD player, including thousands of internet radio stations, Pandora's award-winning personalized music service and Rhapsody's two million track collection of online music.

Audiophiles can use Transporter to listen to their music collection, regardless of whether it was originally downloaded on their PC or purchased on CD.

However, those looking for the device that will render the CD player obsolete better have the cash to buy it. Priced at $1999 Slim Devices says it will be accept pre-orders in the US for Transporter starting today and begin shipping the product in September.

Inside and the Transporter's gold plated circuit board is arranged to keep digital and analog sections separate, and to minimize jitter through careful management of clock signals. Power is supplied to the DAC and analog stages by three separate super-regulator circuits. The balanced amplifiers use precision polyphenylene film capacitors. Individual op-amp packages ensure low noise and immeasurable crosstalk between channels.