Keeping up that training regime when you travel is always difficult, not necessarily because you can find the time, but because it means you've got to get so much more stuff in your overnight bag.

Puma thinks in has the answer with Train Away a running kit that neatly tucks into itself to make travelling easier.

The kit comprises of a travel-friendly Puma jacket, shirt, short, and pair of trainers for both men and women has been engineered to pack into itself for easy travelling.

The jacket features storage compartments for the TrainAway trainers, shorts, and top and folds down to form a sleek pouch, allowing the contents to be safely stored inside.

In addition, the TrainAway trainers are collapsible for storage and have a storage compartment designed to hold guests' hotel key card or credit card while working out.

The Hotel chain will also be offering guests a pre-loaded iPod featuring both indoor and outdoor running guides. As part of the TrainAway collection, Puma has partnered with SoundWalk, to produce these running guides, which make exercising more about fun and less about fitness.