For those who feel that their GPS unit is a little under powered, one company at the British Motor Show in London has the answer: the Kaputer.

The Karputer is a Windows XP PCs for cars, complete with integrated satnav, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Controlled by touchscreen or wireless mouse and keyboard users can run office applications as well as play DVDs, mp3s and PC games.

Half the size of a standard DIN slot, the ICEPAC2 unit fits into any car, van or
Motorhome and is accessed via the unit's seven inch XGA motorised touchscreen LCD display.

ICEPAC2 features PlayNOW BIOS normally found on laptops and means that the unit wakes up in just 2 seconds, giving users instant access to in-car entertainment such as CD and DVD playback, without the need to load the Windows XP operating system.

Containing a 1GHz processor, the unit can store 4 weeks of MP3s on its hard drive, as well as its GPS, multimedia and office application software.

The unit is also supplied with a Wi-Fi card, enabling internet access through Wi-Fi hotspots, giving users full remote access capability to home or office email and other applications. Internet access is also available via 3G phones with ICEPAC2's Bluetooth support.

Prices for the ICEPAC2 start from £1689 for the basic unit with a standard touchscreen, to £2000 for the Ultimedia, which comes complete with GPS, Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth, multimedia and office functions and a motorised LCD touchscreen.