With temperatures going silly, runners everywhere are trying to figure out how to carry enough fluid to put in a decent run.

Camelbak have long been a presence on the running scene, offering a number of options, from big to small, from backpacks to bumbags.

Salomon’s offering takes a slightly different turn with the Packvest. The basic principle works around a load carrying vest with a water bladder - the supplied bladder is from Platypus, an established brand in portable water storage.

The “vest” aspect comes from the panels that make up the rest of the pack. These panels help to spread the load over the torso, reducing the dependency on the shoulder straps. This, in turn, means it lowers the likelihood of bounce whilst running.

Designed with adventure racers and endurance runners in mind, the vest also contains pockets, ideal for energy bars and gels for longer events. The pack can also accommodate a fleece or lightweight waterproof and other emergency items.

The Packvest is constructed from 210D Double Ripstop PA, ensuring it is light in weight and durable. It comes in different sizes and capacities, so you can pick the most suitable for the job.

The Packvest is available from all good outdoors retailers.