With the UK gripped by a heatwave, what better way to cool off by hitting the beach? Hitting the beach with a Pumpabike, of course.

Pumpabike is a “human powered hydrofoil” and is unlike anything we have seen before. The basic principle of the device is that you power the “bike” by bouncing – the hydrofoil aspect is used for propulsion and support in the water.

The documented speeds are a staggering 5-18mph – obviously as this is based on the hydrofoil principle, the minimum speed is needed so you don’t just sink.

It combines leisure and sport at the same time, providing a unique experience, and more exciting than the current market leader in water leisure – the, um, peddelo (perhaps).

Pumpabike claims to be good in all conditions, so unlike windsurfing, you don’t need to wait for the wind, and unlike waterskiing, you don’t need a boat. What you do need, however, is a stretch of water, something that is becoming scarce in the UK’s current drought (so I’m told).

The Pumpabike is constructed from plastic and aluminium, and looks like a Star Wars Imperial Speeder Bike. To get it going you need to push off with some forward momentum from a jetty or the starting stand, after that, your bouncing up and down takes care of the rest.

Luckily, Rocket Distribution are selling the Pumpabike for £599 – more details at