Thanks to the dramatic advance in recycled yarn technology, Malden Mills is able to offer a highly compelling collection of recycled and renewable Polartec fabrics from lightweight base layers to warm fleece.

A forerunner using the fabric in its “green” garments this autumn is Patagonia with its Capilene 4 long underwear programme. The expedition weight Capilene 4 long underwear collection is made of a new recycled Polartec Power Dry which will be made of at least 50% recycled polyester fibre and will be 100% recyclable through Patagonia’s Eco-Circle programme that can turn old polyester garments back into yarn.

This is the first time recycled fibres have reached a fine enough denier to enable production of soft, comfortable next-to-skin fabrics. And, like all Polartec Power Dry garments, the Capilene 4 will wick and dry quickly - the key to staying warm in any situation.

In the Capilene 4 garments the fabric has stretchy comfort, breathability and unrestricted mobility with excellent base-layer performance. The unique interior grid structure offers warmth for weight, is moisture wicking, and highly compressible without being clingy.

Smooth jersey face glides easily against other layers. Flat-seam construction provides clean, finished look with fine thread for barely there seaming. Zip neck provides easy internal climate control, zipper tucks neatly into a fabric garage and is backed by a draft flap for next to skin comfort.

Coming in a number of colours for men and women, in all decent outdoor shops for around £55.