Ajungilak’s D-Lux Pump Mat is a world first. It’s more packable and, thanks to its uniquely placed footpump, eliminates the need for any oral blowing of air drastically reducing the risk of ice developing on the inside of the mat.

Uniquely a foot-pump is buried inside the mat’s foam pillow – activate the foot pump and the mat will inflate in next to no time. With foam only in the pillow the D-Lux Pump Mat is highly packable – it has a 65% smaller pack size when compared to conventional self-inflating mats of the same thickness.

A contoured surface guarantees enables relaxed sleeping. Two extra-large valves help evacuate the air in double-quick time and the easy-to-use packing straps are built-in too. With Ajungilak’s award-winning MTI12 synthetic fibre filling, Ajungilak’s D-Lux Pump Mat is an essential partner for all outdoor ventures.

Weighing in at only 890g, it will pack up to 25 x 15cm. However, you get what you pay for in camping goods, and at £110, you get the comfort and insulation benefits of an airbed in a highly compact format.

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