Channel Islands Surfboards' Al Merrick today announced that the company has been acquired by Burton Snowboards.

The founders of each company, Al Merrick and Jake Burton Carpenter, forged an agreement over the fact that they share a similar mindset and passion for their respective sports. "Al and I have approached the direction of our companies with the same mindset: putting our future in the hands of the pros who are defining our sports," says Jake Burton Carpenter, Founder and Chairman of Burton Snowboards.

"Our identical philosophies on product development are what make this relationship so natural. As we learn more from each other, Channel Islands and Burton can only get better."

Channel Islands will remain in Santa Barbara, California, and Merrick will continue to lead the company he founded in 1969 to create surfboards for many of the world's best surfers. "I'm very excited about this venture and what we can do together to advance surf technology and lead surfing into the future", says Al Merrick, Founder of Channel Islands.

"Channel Islands' goal will continue to be focusing on producing the best surfboards in the world. Both Jake and I have a real passion for staying at the forefront of technology, innovation and design. In the future, I will continue to work in the same capacity that I have always worked in, designing and shaping surfboards."

Jake adds, "Spending time with Al was cool, but you learn a lot more about someone when you go for a surf together. That's when I started to understand the soul of Channel Islands. I look forward to providing a home for Channel Islands for many years to come".

"Having worked with Jake for the past 10 years and having known Al for the past couple of years, I have had an incredible opportunity to interact with two very passionate and focused individuals", says Laurent Potdevin, Burton's Chief Executive Officer.

"Burton and Channel Islands are authentic brands, and this transaction is a very unique opportunity. Channel Islands will continue to be led by Al, staying true to its roots while gaining the resources to explore its full potential."