It seems that camping is getting just too modern. No longer is a rough night lying face down in the mud enough - oh no. Campers now want it all.

Woods have come up with the Solar Powered EZ-Tent, which if you hadn't guessed from the name, is a tent incorporating solar panels to power internal lights. Gone are the days of darkened fumblings on a cool summer's evening. Now it will be the wife reading her copy of "Black Lace" into the wee hours, whilst you thumb through a copy of your favourite Jazz mag.

Coming in 6- or 4-person capacity, the solar panel attached to the tent roof will power the LED lights, taking something like 6 hours of sunlight to give you 2 hours of internal light. You can also engage the setting to have the lights auto-on when it gets dark.

Woods, the manufacturer behind the tents also depoly the technology in other products, such as their "screenhouse".

The tents not only have the LED rope lights, but a central unit you can detach to go walkies outside. Sounds great? Well, once the lights are on, you'll be fighting with the midges. Presumably those in Scotland won't have that problem because of the lack of sunlight to charge it.

The tents are currently on sale at

with little word on whether they'll be available globally.