Are you always forgetting where you put things? Always having to ring your mobile to find out where you've stashed it?

Bluetrek may have the answer for you: Serenity.

This wireless system checks the location of your personal belongings and alerts you if they've drifted apart from you.

Serenity is made up of a base station to monitor items and tags that attach to various devices that you want to protect.

The base has a minimum battery life of 6 months, and keeps track of mobile phones, cameras, passports, wallet … whatever you tag. It can keep track of three tags at a time.

Serenity alerts you if your belongings go missing with an audio and visual alarm, which also tells you exactly where the items are.

Thanks to variable settings, Serenity can be set to a "comfort" protection level to let you know every 20 seconds when a tagged device has moved away from you, or a "close" level to signal a loss within 5 seconds.

A pack costing €99 is made up of a surveillance base, two tags, fastening accessories, and batteries; there's also a pack available with just one tag, which costs €79.