The MobiBox MP410 is another tiny media player, this one even smaller than the RoverTV that Pocket-lint brought to you on Friday.

Featuring a 2.5-inch TFT display, the MP410 can play back audio as well as video, and display JPEG images.

It connects to a TV or DVD player through its AV In/AV Out socket to record video at a resolution of 640x480 at a maximum of 30fps.

Unusually, its speakers actually fold out from the side, and look like a pair of rather large ears.

The MobiBox comes with 128MB to 1GB of internal memories, and also accepts cards up to 4GB in its SD/MMC slot.

It also functions as an FM radio with 20 presets, and can store data once its connected to a computer.

The MobiBox MP410 is on sale now


from £129.