To keep your ultra-thin Samsung phone company, you might consider investing in a RoverTV, an ultra-thin portable media player.

The makers of the RoverTV have been able to make it so tiny by omitting a hard drive; instead, all media is stored on removable SD cards, two of which are bundled with the device, enough to store about 11 hours of video.

It is able to record straight from the TV on to one of the SD cards, and supports TiVoGo so it can store programmes stored on the TiVo.

If that weren't enough, it features an FM digital radio receiver that lets you store radio programmes for listening to later.

In terms of connectivity, it features an AV Video jack, as well as a USB2.0 socket.

The 4-inch screen model costs $349, while the even-tinier 3.5-inch screen costs $299 from