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(Pocket-lint) - Those with eagle eyes will have noticed David Beckham’s magic boots during the last two games of the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals. On his feet are the new +Predator Absolute David Beckham featuring five lions inscribed on each boot, representing each one of the England captain’s team mates. The boots reflect the collective team spirit, pride and leadership that lions and the English are respected for.

”I am pleased to step on the pitch with my new Lion boots! adidas couldn’t have come up with a better design for the biggest and most important tournament in football. The design and fit is stunning and I look forward to wearing them in our first game against Paraguay.”

Well put David. Little did he know that 2 minutes into the game, he’d sweep the ball into the opposition’s goal, via the head of Gamarra. The boots also carry the names of his three children on the heel, and the fixture details on the tongue.

The DB Lion boots feature the PowerPulse technology associated with the Predator, shifting the center of gravity closer to the point of impact. The +Predator Absolute Lion Boot is part of the exclusive David Beckham signature range and will be available at selected retailers from June 12 onwards at a retail price of €200.

Hopefully the boots will see David to plenty more goals, starting tonight when England take on Sweden.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 20 June 2006.