The virtual and the concrete seem to slide ever closer these days, no more so than when Epson announced it has developed A6-size electronic paper.

The paper is essentially an extremely flexible and thin display that achieves Quad-XGA resolution, which is the world's highest.

Epson combined its research and development into low temperature polysilicon thin film transistors (LTPS-TFT) and SUFTLA, which enable the transfer of TFT circuits to flexible substrates.

It achieves a contrast ration of 10:1, which doesn't compare favourably to current monitor and TV technology, but is equal to the levels of visibility as images printed on ordinary paper.

Even when the device is turned off, the display doesn't disappear, and the paper needs just 6 volts for editing information, thereby consuming very little power.

Epson has been able to expand the screen from around 2 inches on the diagonal to the current A6 size, which is 7.1 inches on the diagonal.