The future in store (TFIS) is launching a range of personal alarms to protect you and your belongings.

The first device is the Power Button, which straps on to your arm and features an alarm button on the face. It's splashproof and comes in a variety of colours including pink, orange, and blue, and emits a high-pitched, 100db alarm with a flashing light when you push the button. The Power Button retails for £12.99.

The Electronic Defence Whistle, which costs the same as the Power Button, is a slightly different take on the alarm. It features a loud electronic whistle function and LED lights that switch on at the touch of a button. It also acts as a torch.

Both products can be bought together for £19.99.

Next up is the Mini Mobile Alert, which hooks on to your clothing and your mobile or other small device, and emits a loud alarm if someone tries to snatch it from you. It costs £4.99.

The Safety Signal Alert operates an alarm with a red flashing LED to draw attention to your location if you're lost or stranded in the wilderness, and retails for just £9.99. The Bag Protector Alert is another way to guard your belongings with a dual alarm device that features a motion sensor to alert you if your bag is moved, and costs £14.99.

And for serious campers, there's the Infrared Perimeter Protector. It offers alarm protection over a 90-degree angle, and can alert you to the presence of thieving animals or intruders. If security is breeched, it emits a 100db alarm which can be activated by a remote control. The Protector costs £24.99.

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