While Knomo offer the stylish set a bag to carry their laptop in, Pakuma has opted to support those looking to survive in the urban jungle, by launching its latest model; the CHOROKA K2.

Made using tough woven straps designed to withstand the stresses and strains from carrying laptop computers, zips from YKK and patented DURAFLEX buckles the bag offers an internal volume of 18 litres as well as offering enough room for notebooks up to 15.4 inch in size.

Pakuma also says its bags include a notebook protection system called COCOON which promised to protect its contents from knocks and bashes.

Inside and the bag design has even been adapted to include a light grey lining so you can see what you are looking for, a cable storage pouch and room for documents so they won't get crumpled.

The CHOROKA K2 comes in three colour combinations and costs £49.99

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