Snowboarding is all about style. It doesn't matter whether you can ride or not - as long as you look the bomb. Last year, Burton pioneered the first-ever customised board programme, Series 13, as the ultimate tool for riders’ self expression. This season, Series 13 expands to snowboarders around the globe and features even more ways to make your board your own.

Taking customisation to a whole new level, Series 13 now gives you the chance to turn your own designs into functional art. With more customization options than ever, you can create graphics and ride options never seen before in snowboarding. You finally get the chance to get what you want.

Upload your own JPG image to the Series 13 website for your top-sheet graphic, design a one-of-a-kind, laser-etched leather board, or choose graphics from retro Burton designs. You can even add a finishing touch with a customized message on the board’s base.

A board that looks this good should also perform better than anything you’ve ever ridden before. In addition to tweaking the board’s artwork, finish, sidewall colours and base design to your exact specifications, you can set up your board with either a 3D or 2X stance pattern.

This year, you can choose to customise one of 11 of Burton’s highest-end board models, including special limited-edition models offered only through Series 13.

All Series 13 boards are individually built by hand at the Burton Manufacturing Center in Burlington, Vermont. Through a partnership with select Burton Authorized Dealers, Burton ships completed Series 13 boards to a participating dealer of your choice for pick-up.

Each board comes with a metal nameplate inlay that can be engraved as you wish. A leather bag, a certificate of authenticity signed by Jake Burton and a build sheet signed by all the workers who created your one of a kind masterpiece is included with your board.

Burton are aiming for a 3 week turnaround on board designs. Even if you are not serious about buying a new board (it being summer an' all) then play with teh website anyway