Girls like cycling, and some like it a little too much. Some are so serious about it, they scare their male counterparts. Not only scare, but also sometimes beat.

The biggest complaint, it seems, from female cyclists, is the lack of colour options when it comes to bikes and the all important accessories. Whilst the boys are hunting out black carbonfibre, the girls, of course, want something in pink. And why not?

Serfas, the biking accessories people, are catering to the needs of female riders, including, amongst other things, a pink track pump. Every serious cyclist needs a track pump, and this model fits the bill: it’s pink.

It’s a shame they don’t do a pink helmet too – but the Giro Xen helmet is the pinkest of pinkest things, and if you want to go the whole hog, Trek, amongst others, is doing pink paint jobs especially.

We’ll just have to make sure Spencer Smith stays away from them.