MP3 player listeners hoping to jazz up their listening experience will be pleased to hear a new device has been launched in the UK that creates a hippy disco effect based on the tunes in your player.

The Hipper 100 works with MP3 players or USB sticks and all you have to do is plug it into the Hipper 100 and sit back and watch as it lights up and changes colour to the beats of your favourite music!

The Hipper 100 will emulate the mood of your music and control the colour change of the 10 different LED lights.

Accoridng to stockists even when you don't have any music connected, the Hipper 100 quite happily change colour in a relaxing and tranquil fashion.

The £44.50 Hipper 100 offers both standard USB, or line in connectivity. Any music player can be connected via line in and will be played back through the internal 2W speaker located at the base of the unit.

There is also a line out socket in case you wish to amplify the music from the Hipper 100.

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