With the World Cup approaching here at Pocket-lint we are getting more and more press releases centred around the big game. From mice to doormats someone somewhere is offering World Cup Booty.

First off there is the football pitch doormat that allows you to walk all over the pitch before reaching your front door. Made from 100% coconut fibre with anti-slip rubber backing, the Shoe Max doormat costs £19.99 and is available from Firebox.com in the UK.

If its not doormats is special offers. Toshiba is offering punters who buy certain Toshiba laptops the chance to get 66 per cent back if England go on to win the World Cup. Likewise Evesham are offering £300 off its 42 inch television if you buy it before the games start on the 9 June.

Watching television seems to be the biggest driver of press releases to the Pocket-lint office, although Pure Digital has managed to releases a TalkSport version of its Pure One digital DAB radio in time for some token World Cup mentioning that features a single button to get you to the radio station without the need to fumble.

As for those televisions, large or small the biggest batch of releases hasn't come from the traditional companies like Philips, Toshiba or Sony - although we have received press releases with mention to the World Cup from all three, it's non-traditional companies that keen to alert us to the chance of watching TV on the go.

AverMedia, laptopstuff.co.uk, Hauppauge, Omisys, Mustek, Slingmedia and once again Sony, this time with its LocationFree offering, have all sent us information telling us how their product is the one to get to watch all the matches on.

Come the start of the tournament in June we will be shocked if you've got the chance to miss any games, let alone the other way around no matter where you are.

Move away from watching the games and there are plenty of ways you can still show your support.

First off there is Kickdoku. Endorsed by Alan Hansen, Kickdoku promises to be the new logic puzzle game for all the family. Based on the principles of Sudoku, Kickdoku uses national teams' shirts or flags instead of numbers. There are 30 multilevel puzzles on 15 double sided puzzle cards. It's available at kidestore.co.uk.

Then for the business readers there are Bluetooth Clip headsets from iTech that feature country flags from England, German, Dutch, Brazilian, and Italian for those keen to show their true colours while making a call, that is if you are not making it on the Official T-Mobile Samsung mobile phone.

Of course the press releases get even more random than Bluetooth headsets.

In the world of video games there are plenty of games servicing the footballers needs, none more so than GameStation's XBox360 bundle that offers you an Xbox360 console, a FIFA customisable faceplate, and an exclusive, limited edition Adidas Xbox360 football.

Away from the game, but still in keeping with the World Cup, Napster got in there with a joint promotion of Soccer AMs World Cup theme tune for download and we've had all manner of releases for DVD games, puzzles, top trumps, toys, T-shirts (Sensible Soccer being the best), T-shirts with electronic bits to them, iPod cases from iworld.co.uk, remote control jammers from the Gadgetshop and even chairs from a company called Halo to sit on while watching the bootiful game to complete the mix.

No area of consumerism has been left untouched.

Of course the strangest one has to be from LoveHoney.co.uk. For £9.99 you can really show you care by getting a pocket-sized mini vibrator branded in the England colours that is being launched in the run up to the World Cup.