Vaude launches the first backpack to be manufactured using the innovative processing standard Ultra Seam Tech: the Aracanda 30. It is manufactured using the latest thermal seam closure methods instead of standard needle and thread stitching. Completely welded, waterproof and with a cutting-edge design, the hiking pack "Aracanda 30" stands out above the rest on the market and is now available in stores.

Albrecht von Dewitz, Vaude's CEO, explains, "We've invested all our technical experience into using the most advanced seamless processing technologies such as Ultrasonic Welding and have so been able to develop an expertise that is foremost in the branch. This has made it possible for us to launch the 'Aracanda 30' ... as the first completely welded backpack".

Vaude combines different thermal seam closure technologies such as Ultrasonic Welding, High Frequency Welding or Heat Transfer in the construction of the Aracanda 30. Contrary to the classic seam closure methods using needle and thread, these modern methods bond the materials together using molecular processes such as ultrasound, heat or pressure. VAUDE is the first manufacturer to apply ultrasonic technology in its backpack production and so sets new standards in the manufacturing of mountain sports equipment.

Materials are fused together using ultrasonic energy which generates vibrations that melt materials seamlessly together at temperatures above 250° Celsius. In contrast to other welding methods, ultrasonic technology allows three dimensional processing, opening up unlimited design potential.

Seams manufactured using Ultra Seam Tech offer a number of significant advantages: these seamless material transitions are absolutely waterproof, exceptionally durable, weigh less, and are very comfortable due to the fact that they are absolutely flat and so prevent any possible chafing.

Not only that, but they won an IF product design award in the process. Happy days for Vaude, more information at