iBikeMount quickly and securely mounts the iPod nano to handlebars of bicycles, exercise machines, strollers and more to make listening on the move simple and enjoyable.

The new mount eliminates the inconvenience of digging the iPod out of a pocket, removing it from an armband, or bringing a dangling lanyard up to the face in order to make selection or setting changes. iBikeMount keeps the nano safely in plain sight and within easy reach.

“iBikeMount is exactly what our customers have wanted since the nano's release in 2005”, said Richard Sarver, president of MacFriends, a retailer carrying a wide variety of iPod accessories. “iBikeMount’s handlebar connection is a perfect fit for the active lifestyle nano users enjoy.”

The new iBikeMount (£19.99) is availble from the iPod accessories experts at iWorld, sits securely on your bicycle's handlebars within easy reach and view.

- Fits 1GB, 2GB and 4GB iPod nanos
- Easily attaches to a variety of handlebar sizes from 22mm to 26mm
- Quick and easy to attach and remove, no tools required
- Lightweight, just 1.4 ounces / 40 grams
- Flat black colour matches black or white iPod nano

The company points out that riders should be mindful of where they listen to their music - it can distract you from your surroundings which may lead to a fatal accident.

We at Pocket-lint would recommend that you don't listen to music in heavy traffic if you are on a bicycle. Please ride carefully and be aware that your only sense of what is happening behind you comes from your ears.