A company is hoping to transform the humble coffee table into the state of the art computer without you really noticing it.

Called the Stealth Tabletop, the device has been designed to appear to be no more than a designer look coffee table whilst switched off, with no visible traces of its true capabilities.

However, turned on and the Stealth Tabletop becomes a fully fledged multimedia machine capable of storing and displaying all types of electronic media including Digital TV (both Live and Recorded), Music, Photos, Videos as well as the standard computer functions such as internet and email access.

The company, Design Concepts, behind the table hopes that the high-tech coffee table will be used either in the company receptions to education visitors waiting with marketing materials, or at home to display media either stored in the table or from a central system.

The company isn't the first however to demonstrate such a concept. Last year HP showed Pocket-lint a prototype intelligent coffee table that was designed to help show and share digital images, play games and act as yet another computer in the room to display news feeds from the Internet.