A new MP3 player has been launched in the UK that is the first to sport a second USB port to access, and directly exchange data with, anything from digital cameras to other media players.

The 8GB Venzero ONE also offers users a 2-inch colour display, and direct support for MusicMarker, the free service that automatically recognises song titles.

The company behind the player say that the Shareport offering means that uploading and downloading data to and from digital cameras, USB sticks, other MP3 players is simple.

Since the device boasts a full-size USB share-out and a full-size USB share-in, it can be plugged straight into a PC or USB hub without the need for an adapter or lead or even a PC or notebook.

According to the makers the device is Full Windows DRM 10 supported and the Venzero ONE can exchange data with any other PlaysForSure-enabled device if this is permitted in the music DRM. All perfectly legal and above board.

The second major selling point is direct support for MusicMarker. MusicMarker provides a free and reliable way to identify unknown songs. Music fans need only to press the MusicMarker button on the Venzero ONE to record a few seconds of the song they are currently listening to and next time the player is hooked up to a computer, Venzero’s software companion, the Venzero MediaManager, identifies the song and displays the artist, song title and album on screen.

A download button built into the software gives customers a convenient way to access partner stores and buy the song.

The player supports MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis music formats, videos, JPG, BMP and TIF images, and even texts, news reports and blog entries.

A built-in FM tuner on the Venzero ONE supports both automatic and manual channel searches. Preset functions let you save up to 10 different radio stations.

The Venzero ONE can record radio signals at any time and either store them as uncompressed WAV files or encode them to MP3 in real time.

Measuring just 98 x 58 x 14mm, the Venzero ONE will cost £189.90 and will be available starting mid-June 2006.