The summer's almost here, so what better time to replace that dated water pistol with a foam gun? has decided that its customers must be keen to recreate the fun and games of that Ibiza vibe by recreating your very own foam party in your back garden, or living room if it's raining.

Despite its cartoony appearance, the ?69.99 Foam Factory is a colourful contraption capable of creating up to 55 cubic feet of foam in only 3 minutes.

Simply pour in some tear-free shampoo (supplied), add water, plug it in and watch in awe as the Foam Factory starts to spew suds at an incredible rate.

According to the online shop "You and your friends will be engulfed in foam before you can shout 'pass the loofah'". All you have to take care of is a few scantily-clad guests.