Easter is a funny time. Whilst on one hand we are told how significant it is in the Christian calendar, on the other, we all generally ignore it, in favour of DIY, racing to the coast or, it seems, camping.

Over the Easter weekend a strange thing happened in the British press. Almost everyone shouted about how cool camping really is. Something that we at Pocket-lint reported on recently with the launch of the Ted Baker range of outdoor essentials.

A large part of it is down to Jonothan Knight's publication Cool Camping, which seems to have caught the media's probing eye. Compile this with a resurgence in "the countryside" as a holiday destination which is both environmentally and economically more sound and we look to be giving camping a new lease of life.

Of course, much of this is down to a new generation rediscovering what was so appealing before: the fresh air, the slow pace of life, the sheer indulgence and immersion into nature. Combined of cousre, with fabrics that are now waterproof, gas stoves that really work, unprecedented facilities for campers and, unsurprisingly, the gadgets to make it all the more comfortable.

The Caravan Club is recording rising membership levels, as people head back out into caravanning - not always towing their own, but staying in static vans. This has also been boosted by celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jamie Oliver and Sienna Miller - keen campers.

So it seems that the British love affair with camping is set to continue, only this time with all the modcons.