JVC has launched two new flash-based MP3 players that allow direct recording without the need for a PC.

The new JVC XA-F57 and XA-F107 are flash memory players with 512MB and 1GB of memory, respectively.

The 512MB XA-F57 is available in white, pink or silver, while the 1GB XA-F107 is offered in gray, pink or black. Both players support MP3, WMA and WMA-DRM files.

For convenience in transferring music from other sources, both new JVC players feature direct recording. Using the players' analog input, CD, radio or tape sources are converted to MP3 files by the player, so there's no need for a PC.

Other features include a four-line dot matrix backlit LCD, built-in rechargeable battery that is recharged via a PC's USB port, and five preset EQ settings plus one user-tailored EQ setting. To deliver top-quality sound, both players use an 18-bit digital-to-analog converter and the included earbud headphones feature neodymium drivers.

JVC's new digital audio players will be available later this month in the US. The XA-F57 will sell for about $99, while the XA-F107 will sell for about $149.

We are awaiting confirmation of a UK launch and price.