Maplin Electronics has launched a new range of portable solar panel chargers for those looking for an eco-friendly solution to powering that electricity guzzling iPod or mobile phone.

According to the company “the lightweight, compact 'Scotty' personal solar charger available from consumer electronics retailer, Maplin Electronics, can be easily clipped on to clothing or to a rucksack, so that you can solar charge your iPod or digital camera whilst on the move”.

A full charge from Scotty will provide enough energy for 1 hour's mobile phone talk time or 60 hours standby and can even power your sat-nav.

For those looking for slightly more solar power, Maplin Electronics' larger solar panel kits available in 5, 10, 18, 28, 43 and 60 watt outputs can power larger technology, ranging from a laptop to a portable TV.

Additionally for those looking to safeguard against power cuts or save on those costly household electric bills, the all-weather solar panel kits can also be easily adapted to power light bulbs throughout the home.

The kits also come with a 20 year cell warranty and have a 35 year life cycle, enabling you to save both the planet and your pennies for many years to come.

The Scotty personal solar charger costs £34.99 whilst the solar panel kits start from £69.99 (5 watt).

The new solar range of products are available from Maplin Electronics.