It's that time of year again, when everything goes World Cup crazy. Including your iPod.

Those people at Sumo have launched a range of 5th generation iPod cases to protect your favourite player (excuse the pun) whilst out and about enjoying the World Cup. Ok, it seems like a bit of a bandwagon jumping exercise, but isn't that what the World Cup is all about?

The World Cup cases are based on the Horizontal Playthru design that Sumo makes, but with football pattern-stitched leather exteriors - and a football logo in place of the normal Sumo geezer.

Eight different countries are available: Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, USA, England, and Mexico. A black and white version is also available. A random selection of nations - perhaps their prediction of the quater final stages? Oh no, USA is in there, and no sign of Spain or Portugal...

The cases are pretty funky, a trendy step away from the normal "Ingerland" yob face that football usually gets.

The cases are available from 1 May, for more information check out